Our Code Of Conduct


All of our members agree to pay a regular monthly members fee. This is used to pay for competition entry, playing kit, and other expenses we occur in running the team.  

If you fail to make your regular payments then you would be deemed to be no longer a member of team. Additionally, you are free to leave at any point.  In either case, no money would be refunded.

Playing Rights

Your membership fee doesn’t automatically mean you will get to play in all of the events or tournaments we enter. The club captain or event captain is responsible for selecting the best team possible  for the event from all players who have declared themselves available.  

Some events are designated development events, and newer players, or those developing skills are more likely to play in these events.  

In all cases, the captains decision is final and remember that for most events or competitions there is a defined maximum team size.


We ask that you are committed to the team and attend training on a regular basis. We appreciate you might not be able to attend them all, but with Heja you can see the schedule in advance. 

Match selection includes reference to your attendance in sessions.

Zip It!

Whilst feedback is encouraged, it should always be at the right time, to the right people.  As much as you might want to educate the referee or suggest they need new glasses, please don’t.

In competitions or events, half time talks are lead by the captain, and it’s more effective if we all don’t talk at once. 

During social Thursday games, we should remain positive and upbeat at all times.  We are team mates playing for the same team. 

Respect The Referee

The referee is always right, even if you know they are wrong. Remember touch is a sport of honesty, and some times people make a mistake, but you must respect the referees decision.

And if a player calls touch, then touch is called and counts.  If you don’t get the touch don’t call the touch!

Social Media

Social media is encouraged, but remember we are all friends, so please don’t upset or offend any one. Lot’s of photos are taken and shared, so if you object let us know in advance.


As a team we are member of the English Touch Association and play by their rules, and the rules of the game. If you wish to play in a ETA event, then its likely you will also need to take out a personal membership with them. Currently that includes benefits such as insurance. Read more on the ETA website. 

If you want to learn the rules of the game, click here


Discrimination in any way will not be tolerated and membership would be cancelled should a player cause an issue here.  If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, then don’t say it to others! as an example.  

It was a joke…

It might have been accepted in the 70’s or in the playground, but that doesn’t make it right. If you could offend someone then consider your audience and the people around. 

I am not saying don’t have fun and a laugh, but please don’t upset anyone. 

Everything else……

We shouldn’t need the biggest code of conduct and cant cover every eventuality. Play the game by the rules, enjoy and have fun, but don’t upset anyone or cause offence.   

If you do, then we may not be the team for you, and you won’t be made welcome and your membership could be cancelled.

If you’ve got a complaint, then please raise it with the captain or another member who can talk it through with you. 

You can email theteam@blackadderstouch.com where we would pick it up.