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We recently sent out a survey to see how we were doing, and how people felt about Touch with covid in mind. I’ve picked out some of the results for this article or of course grab the whole deck below

If you’ve decided to read on, lets begin….

Feedback compiled by Ben
Player registration process

So 78% of people felt positive about the registration process through which you complete a form to register your place. You also confirm you have no signs of covid, have read the guidance notes and are a member of Rockcliff.

Questions were asked about number of people allowed to play, and about making the process simpler. Ben replies as below.

The next question was all about the Covid procedures for our touch sessions. 92% of you said this was very positive, with the remaining being somewhat positive or neutral.

Our covid processes

Next up, as you may know we had a positive test come back after a session, and we asked how you rated our handling of this. We received feedback that we should have all self isolated after the result. As part of handling this, our Covid rep checked with both the ETA and Rockcliff, and given the return to play protocol and risk assessment, along with Sport England recognition that touch isn’t a Covid risk sport with minimal face to face time, there was no need to self isolate. But please rest assured, we checked and clarified and took advice on this.

Flow chart for isolation from ETA / Sport England

Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions then please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the team. Remember that Ben is our ETA and Covid rep.

You can also leave feedback in the form below and it goes straight to Ben:


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