Tag, I’ve got your belt, I mean Tag… how hard can it be?

So if you are a regular visitor to our site you will know we’ve just had a Tag tournament, so that was something new and different! We certainly stepped out of our comfort zone tackling a new game which whilst on the surface feels similar to touch, there are many, many, many differences…..

In traditional style, we were a little slow out of the blocks, but I am sure captain Craig would tell you that was part of the plan, lose the first and improve each time before winning the whole competition. Whilst winning the whole thing was always going to be optimistic we certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves. From the off, it became apparent, hips and twisting would be winning factors – it’s a shame we were not so good at that. But, we really improved with each game and results came our way.

At the lunch break, we went into the third pool, but higher than we might have expected, having won a few games. This meant we were into the plate b competition playing a bunch of teams who had all played more than us. To be fair, I think we were by far the newest team in the whole event.

This meant we still had a quarter-final, and a semi but alas, it was a step too far and we didn’t make the final! We played the 3-4 place playoff.

In traditional ex-work team mode, I should also mention it was really hot and the sun shone for most of the day and that slowed us down. Oddly, a small pitch didn’t help either as we are well known for our expansive touch game.

But all in all, fun was had by us all, and we’ve all learned new things.

And I’ve even made it to the end without mentioning my awesome kick which lead to a try from Clare…

http://tag.madethis.fun should you want to check out all the photos….

But if not here are just a couple…

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