On Saturday 24th July the Newcastle Ravens hosted the first Northern Pride touch event at Percy Park, where a development Blackadder’s side, led by Cat won the cup. 

The day began with the team taking on a new opposition in Saxon Crusaders who were quite well drilled and tested the Adders defence and also applied pressure to force a lot of incomplete sets. Adders eventually won 7-0 and this set the goal for the remaining games. 

As the day went on our players continued to push the boundaries with some outstanding individual performances, which meant the incomplete set total continued dropping as the day went on. 

Adders went into their final game against Alnwick knowing that a win would not be good enough… we needed to win by at least 5 tries to take 1st place. So team coach (Lesley) set the target at 7 and added some new tactics for the team to put into action. As soon as the whistle sounded Adders attacked the game at high intensity soon scoring and making the perfect start. The tempo continued throughout the game finally ended 12-0 with a superb try by Dr Pete in the corner to finish. 

4 wins, 1 draw, 27 tries scored and only 2 tries conceded. Fantastic effort by all!! 

Players player: Ruth Davies 

Captains Player: Rob Harrison. 

Check out just some of the action shots from the day:

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