Blackadders players at the North East Regional Touch Event

4 of your Blackadders players attended the most recent regional development event. 3 sessions were on offer, and we we managed coverage across all of them. During the day, the sessions were held inside (and out of the gale force winds!) and then later in the day we got a change to practice and try out what we’d learned.

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Alex was present at the coaching sessions, so I wont steal his thunder, but I attended the referee session and players session. For this, we had a run through the main rules and changes since the last update. There was an emphasis around movement, and positioning and it provided some real food for thought. We also had a real good Q&A element so we got to seek clarity around the things that we keep questioning.

For the playing session, corner flag and shut were normal. Along with a 32 short as a plan. Interesting ideas were shared around Subbing and I suspect we could be more efficient with some of the ideas we covered off. Rolfie will share more with everyone in our training sessions.

The last part of the day was game time, and for people on the referee session, it was good to practice and get feedback from our level 2 regional representative. You might see some changes in our Thursday sessions.

Whilst it was cold, and the wind was certainly howling…. I would recommend theses sessions to anyone, and it would be good to see more faces there.



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