Wylam to Newcastle and back again, completed.

As part of our preperation for our big charity walk in the summer, we decided to put some miles in again to get us prepared for the challenge in the summer.

Today (06/03/22) we went from Wylam to Newcastle and back again, travelling along the Tyne river. Making sure to get the excellent views in, as well as the less excellent ones along the route. We kept a good pace through the whole route, even through the boggier parts at the end. We totalled about 21 miles from start to finish. As always the navigator did a fantastic job, there was a rumour that they even went off course for about 30 minutes but luckily I don’t think anyone noticed.

The day was sunny throughout, with no rain all day and only the odd bit of wind. There might be a few burnt faces, mine included but it was a fantastic walk with a well earned Greggs lunch half way through and even took some time to take in some culture at the Baltic for a good photo opportunity. Few people commented on what we were doing and asked about Maggies, we were able to explain and raised awareness about the centres which was fantastic.

We were all still smiling and in good spirts at the end, although I’m sure the aches and pains will kick in over the new day or two.

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