Bamburgh to Tynemouth – Day 3

The final day was here, we started the same as the day before, fairly early but thing too crazy.

We were sadly another 2 down with injuries from the day before, hopefully they will be back to normal soon. We went back to the finishing point from the day before, we back tracked a bit and headed back through Cambois. There was another mild diversion due to a main road (steps..!) but once we were past this we were onto the final stretch. Meeting for lunch at Blyth south beach we were able to finish walking along the coast, with heads still determined, morale was high, conversation and laughter flowing. Then finally, we hit Tynemouth priory and most importantly, the finish!

We did slightly more than planned, the detour helped and came in at 63.7 miles or 102.5 Km. Easily beating our target for the weekend.

Finally, we wanted to give a call out to all who helped support the walkers. They were so helpful and we certainly couldn’t have done it without them, so THANK YOU to everyone who helped over the weekend. It genuinely meant so much to everyone walking.

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